Physiotherapist Tadas Mikelionis

Physiotherapist Tadas Mikelionis

Hi, Im Tadas!

Hi, Im Tadas!

I help people achieve their best physical wellness.

About me

I’m physiotherapist Tadas Mikelionis.

I have Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the LSMU university.

I use, support and recommend only evidence based physical therapy and its methods.

I have been working in four sports teams: basketball, football, volleyball and handball. Also in rehabilitation and sports centers.

I have many years of experience in developing health improvement, rehabilitation and prevention programs, as well as working with postural correction, electrostimulation, motion video analysis and many other methods.

Every year, at least several times, I participate in the most relevant seminars for my profession.

Everyday I read and analyze scientific literature.

I speak fluent English and Russian.


1. Rehabilitation after injuries or operations.

I help to reach my former functional level after traumas and surgeries. I ensure that this is achieved in the most optimal way, using effective evidence-based and practice-based methods, complex treatment, to achieve quality and a reliable lasting effect.

2. Treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries.

I assess and determine the type and severity of the injury, select and apply professional treatment and physiotherapy techniques to effectively restore the features of the musculoskeletal system and restore the function that was damaged.

3. Evaluation of athlete’s physical condition.

I perform a set of tests to determine the physical fitness, strengths and weaknesses of athletes, identify and evaluate the physical characteristics to be corrected: strength disproportions, imbalances, lack of flexibility, mobility, and stability.

4. Injury risk reduction programs.

Based on the results of physical fitness tests, I create injury risk reduction programs that are effectively applied during training, help shape and enhance the qualities of musculoskeletal system, thereby reducing the risk of potential injury.

5. Personal training.

Taking into account the individual needs of the client, targeted correction points, desired goals, evaluating body features and linking them together, I make a professional training plan. I am involved in the process of executing the training plan, seeking to ensure continuity and improvement, applying adjustments based on the results achieved and the client’s well-being.

6. Wellness.

Counseling on healthy lifestyle, taking into consideration the client’s personal needs, lifestyle, body constitution characteristics, physical fitness. I rely on and apply evidence-based approaches in practice. I help to develop constructive lifestyle skills, monitor, support and counsel during the wellness process, and evaluate the integration and effectiveness of new habits.

7. Posture correction.

I help to effectively recover or develop a proper posture.  I use effective exercise programs for posture correction. I do computer-based individual posture analysis and objectively measure progress.

8. Physical modalities.

I use modern evidence-based physical modalities. I have mastered and become familiar with a wide range of tools that I tailor to the individual needs of the body and the desired results.


2014 – 2016   Lithuanian university of health sciences

                        Physical medicine and rehabilitation, magister degree

2010 – 2014   Lithuanian university of health sciences

                        Physical therapy bachelor’s degree

Work experience

  • Since 2015    Private physical therapy practice
  • 2020               Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Science, Lecturer.
  • 2019-2020      Volleyball team „TK-Kaunas“, physical therapist.
  • 2018                UAB „TEIDA“ Clinical consultant
  • 2108-2019      Volleyball team „ Kauno RIO – Startas “, physical therapist.
  • 2018–2018      Fighting and Fitness center Kaunas, physical therapist, personal trainer.
  • 2018-2019      Volleyball team „TK-Kaunas“, physical therapist.
  • 2017–2018     Handball club „ Riihimaki Cocks“,physical therapist.
  • 2016–2017     Volleyball team „TK-Kaunas“, physical therapist.
  • 2016–2017     Basketball team „Šakių Vytis“, physical therapist.
  • 2016–2016     Rehabilitation center „GEMMA“, physical therapist.
  • 2015–2016     Basketball team „Šakių Vytis“, physical therapist.
  • 2015–2015     National football team U-17, physical therapist.
  • 2015–2015     Football team „FBK Kaunas“, physical therapist.


Physiotherapist Tadas Mikelionis



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