Tadas Mikelionis


Tadas Mikelionis

Practitioner and lecturer. I test and integrate theoretical knowledge into practice. All my clinical decisions are based on scientific research.

Long-term experience acquired working in sports teams: basketball, football, American football, volleyball and handball.

Working with athletes of individual sports: athletics and swimming.

I am constantly improving my knowledge in seminars of world-class lecturers.

Certified Maitland, Mulligan and STECCO Manual Therapy practitioner.

Certified practitioner of TMG, Neurac, DNS, Functional Movement Systems: FMS, SFMA, Y-BALANCE and FCS methodologies.

Certified practitioner of physical therapy tools such as INDIBA ACTIV, Dry needling, IASTM, Cupping, Flossing, Blood flow restriction training.

Certified practitioner of classical back massage, therapeutic back massage and sports massage.


Rehabilitation after injuries and operations

I help to reach the previous functional level after injuries and operations. I ensure that this is achieved in the most optimal way, using effective methods based on evidence and applied in practice, complex treatment, in order to achieve quality and reliable lasting effect.

Musculoskeletal system disorders

I assess and determine the type and severity of the injury, select and apply professional treatment and physiotherapy methods that help to effectively restore the properties of the musculoskeletal system and restore the damaged function.

Assessment of athletes' physical condition

I perform a set of tests to determine athletes' physical fitness, strengths and weaknesses, identify and evaluate physical characteristics to be corrected: strength disproportions, imbalances, lack of flexibility, mobility, stability.

Injury risk reduction programs

Based on the results of tests that assess physical properties, I create injury risk reduction programs that are effectively applied during training and help to form and strengthen the properties of the musculoskeletal system and are aimed at correct movement, thus reducing the risk of possible injuries.

Personal training

Taking into account the client's individual needs, targeted areas of correction, desired goals, after assessing the body's characteristics and linking them together, I create a professional training plan. I participate in the process of implementing the training plan, I aim to ensure continuity and improvement and apply corrections based on the achieved results and the client's well-being.

Health promotion

I advise on healthy lifestyle, taking into account the client's personal needs, lifestyle, constitutional characteristics of the body and physical fitness. I rely on and use evidence-based methods in my practice. I help to form constructive lifestyle skills. I monitor, support and advise during the health promotion process and evaluate the integration and effectiveness of the new habits.

Posture correction

I help to effectively recover or form a correct posture. I apply effective physical exercise programs for posture correction.

Physical modalities

I use modern evidence-based procedures of physical modalities. I have mastered a wide range of tools, which I adapt according to the individual needs of the body and the desired results.


2014 – 2016

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Master's degree in rehabilitation.

2010 – 2014

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Bachelor's Degree in Rehabilitation. Physiotherapist's qualification.

Work experience

since 2014

Private physiotherapist's practice.


Founder of INNOVAMED physiotherapy studio.





Aušros g. 42, LT-44158 Kaunas

Working hours

I-V: 08.00 – 21.00


+370 6999 3921​